F0247 – Monitor Material Coverage – Net Segments
F0247 - Monitor Material Coverage - Net Segments

F0247 – Monitor Material Coverage – Net Segments

F0247 (Monitor Material Coverage – Net Segments) is a SAP S/4HANA Transactional app used by a Production Planner through user interface (UI) technology SAP Fiori (SAPUI5).  With this app, you can monitor all the make-to-stock and collective requirements materials in a selected area of responsibility. You are provided with a list of all materials with net requirements segments that might have coverage issues according to a specified shortage definition. The shortage definitions contain a set of rules that the system uses for calculating the material shortages. These rules define the scope of the shortage calculation meaning the supply and demand elements to be considered and the conditions that have to be met to be a relevant shortage. You can use the default filter Time till Shortage to check the coverage of materials within a specific time frame. This app provides you with the information that you need to be able to react to the shortage situation on time, meaning that you can avoid disruptions to production or to the fulfillment of customer demands. From this app, you can directly navigate to the Manage Material Coverage app to view details of the selected materials and check different solutions. This app is available for the following role: SAP_BR_PRODN_PLNR (Production Planner)

Fiori App Details

Fiori App Name Monitor Material Coverage – Net Segments
Fiori App ID F0247
Application Type Transactional
Form Factors Desktop, Tablet
UI Technology SAP Fiori (SAPUI5)
Product Category SAP S/4HANA
Role Production Planner

Catalog/Group Details

Business Catalog Description ,
Business Group Description ,

Additional Technical Details

Application Component PP-FIO-MRP
Database HANA DB exclusive
Front End Software Component UIS4HOP1 500
Backend Software Comp. Version S4CORE 104
Front End Product Version SAP FIORI FOR SAP S/4HANA 1909
Product Version Name Backend SAP S/4HANA 1909
Semantic Object MRPMaterial
Semantic Action monitor

Business Server Page (BSP) Name: PP_MATSHOR_MRS1
BSP Application URL: /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/pp_matshor_mrs1
SAP UI5 Component ID: i2d.pp.materialshortge.monitor.s1
Primary OData Service Name: PP_MRP_COCKPIT_SRV
Primary OData Service Version: PP_MRP_COCKPIT_SRV

Leading Business Role: SAP_BR_PRODN_PLNR
Leading Business Role Description: Production Planner
Additional Business Roles: SAP_BR_MATL_PLNR_EXT_PROC
Additional Business Role Descriptions: Material Planner - External Procurement

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